How Just Coach Works

Coach in Person

Just Coach UK. enables you to sell your skills and expertise as a coach. You can set up bookable products that your clients can pay for to have a training session with you

Find CPD trainnig

As professionals, coaches need to show continued development. Just Coach UK is also a platform for professional training providers to offer, book and deliver courses, that are not only mandatory for some work but highly sort after.

Coach Via Video

Beat Lockdown by continuing to coach your clients via Just Coach's unique sports themed video rooms. Where MMA training can take place in a virtual octagon or Yoga in a virtual Yoga studio.

Find new Jobs

Teams, Clubs, Schools and individuals looking for coaching in a wide range of sports will use Just coach to find you. Users will be able to search by sport, by region or by coach.

  • Register with Just Coach UK
  • Set up your online store
  • Take bookings and add them to your calender
  • Deliver your coaching session in person or by video
  • Register with Just Coach UK
  • Set up your online store
  • Take bookings and add them to your calender
  • Deliver your coaching session in person or by video

Find Your Ideal coach

Just Coach UK aims to have the best collection of coaches in the UK. Search by Sport, Location or by Coach name to find your next coach for free.

You can see 5 star ratings and read reviews of each coach to help you find the best match for your team, your club, your school or yourself. 

Simply use our Find a Coach pages to track down your ideal coach, you will be able to select based on sport, age range, ability, specialized skills training. 

Offer CPD for coaches.

Do you offer courses Coaches need?

Just Coach is full of sports coaches most of whom are looking for the newest ideas in coaching that will give them the edge. Are you an Elite coach who can raise the game of other coaches?

There are many coaches who need specialist training in non sport related areas such as child protection, first aid, accounting and 

Beat Lockdown by delivering your CPD training to coaches via our unique, sports themed video conferencing system.

If you are a football specialist you could host your clients in the hallowed Wembley Stadium. A rugby coach, how about Twickenham for rugby? 

Take bookings for In Person training sessions and deliver them where you like. Offerings can be GEO located so that clients know where you will be relative to them.

promote an event through Just Coach to get more attendees to either video meetings or in person sessions. 


Join the Just Coach community to share ideas with a wide range of coaches throughout the UK. Advertise events, join discussion groups and expand your network.

Just Coach aims to revolutionise Sports Coaching in the UK, will you help us?


Personal Coaching Excellence for Everyone

Welcome to Just Coach UK Ltd.

Welcome to Just Coach UK Ltd, once you have chosen your membership level you will be asked to input some personal information to set up your account and store. Choose a username that will be your personal identity on the site.  Chose it wisely as an old university nickname might be a bad idea.

Some fields are mandatory but all will help set up your store. Select a Store name which will be your professional identity. It will need to be unique on the platform and will prompt you if it isn’t.

Once you have entered your payment details the site will keep these secure and use them for future transactions on the site. You will need to put in your bank details later on for getting your coaching payments. 

After registering as a coach arrive here. Congratulations, you now own a very powerful online store what will be accessible on the Just Coach platform. You will be able to personalise your store, add products and take orders in just a short time.

Next click on Setup Your Store where we will begin to personalise your store.

Click on set up your store to begin personalising your retail page. Here you can add banner and logo images that will decorate your storefront page. Chose some images that show off you, your personality and your coaching style where possible.

You can add a description of your store which is the ideal place to talk about yourself as a coach and your offerings. Remember, this is a sales page and its a great idea to sell yourself as much as you are comfortable too.

There are lots of things you can add to set up your store. You don’t need to complete everything straight away but we do recommend you add images to give a good look to your store. There are default images installed if you don’t have images now.

The configuration page will give you an indication of how much you have configured your profile but don’t worry about completing everything. 

Next we will look at your new store front and what you can do to make it your own.

Your new storefront will have your banner and logo images. it will have a pre-selected video space which you can change in your main profile pages and settings links at various places in your personal pages.

How to add a Coaching product to your store.

Welcome to Just Coach UK Ltd, once you have chosen your membership level and configured your storefront you will want to add bookable products to your store. The site is very powerful and can accommodate many different sorts of products so we will need to be careful with some of the options we chose.

To add a bookable coaching slot in your calendar find and click on the “Create Bookable” icon (the names will come up if you hover your mouse).

The area bellow will have a list of your products once you have added some and will be where you can edit, duplicate or remove products later on.

The Create Bookable will bring up the configure product panel and there are some mandatory fields to add but the page will prompt you if you have forgotten any. Because we are adding bookable products you will firstly change Simple Product to Bookable Product.

Give your product a title, for example “Rugby for Kids” and add a unit price. The unit will be defined later so for now assume it is per hour. You will need to add a product photo so it will catch potential clients’ eyes. You can also add a gallery if you have several photos. 

It is important to add at least one category to your product to make it searchable in the marketplace. Possibly the most important parts of your add will be the Short Description and Description. Hear you can really differentiate your offering by describing as much as you can about what a new client might expect from booking you. 

Scrolling down past the Description box will bring you to a selection of input fields. We will go through the important ones in turn but any and as much detail you can fill in will benefit your posting.

The Booking Duration is the single unit length. most people will book in hour slots but if you are running longer sessions you can choose more. 

The other options are rather self explanatory. you can chose to have the calendar displayed or clickable on the posting. You can make the booking require confirmation from you which will need a further input from you before the booking is final. You can also add in a cancellation option. We recommend you give people 2 days before the booking to cancel.

Attributes will make your offering more searchable and more specific. For example if you offer hour long football coaching sessions you might have a different price for junior age groups and adults.

If you offer specialist training for senior age groups you can add in age groups. Or sessions designed for different disabilities, you can specify for Deaf or Hard of Hearing or Locomotion Needs. If you would like to separate your Yoga sessions to male or female only you can do it here. You can also specify if participants will need to supply their own equipment or if you can.


Availability is a key to automating your online store here you can set the factors that will manage your calendar. If you travel between appointments you will want to avoid back to back bookings that are 10 miles apart. Use the buffer period for this. 

We advice you make all days available by default and use the restrict selectable days or first booking start times to limit when people can book. Alternatively you should set all dates to un-available by default and add rules like below.

The example here will make the product available ONLY on Wednesdays from 1600 to 2000. Use the plus symbol to add more available days. The days and times you make bookable will appear in the calendar in the product view that customers will see.

Cost of your offering, remember this is the cost per unit. If your weekend calendar slots are premium time, you may wish to give them different prices using the rules options below.

Product policies will be important for you to confidently work with your clients. You may well have T&C already specified for when you are working with clients and just need to paste them in. 

You may wish add in details for a refund policy to protect yourself against last minute cancellations or refund policies. 

If you have set store wide T&C they will populate this section automatically.